Mass Effect Andromeda 01: New Beginnings

What happens when one of the biggest gaming flops of 2017 goes on sale for less than $15 on PSN? Well you buy it of course. I loved the Mass Effect games (2 and 3 were great), I loved the Shepard I created. He was a ginger with some weird facial hair. He was a biotic, had a bromance with Garrus and liked the gossip with Tali in elevators. I was devastated by the end of Mass Effect 3 when he gave up his life to save the universe.

I also liked the fact that you could romance with your fellow shipmates. At the time I played the trilogy (2012) I was still in the not completely out to the family and it was nice to make the character my own. The first play-through of Mass Effect 1 I romanced Ashley (she was rude) then restarted and chose Kaidan (he wasn’t). I also restarted because I didn’t have enough charisma to save Wrex during that one important part in the game so I had to kill him. It was like the 35th time you had to attempt-pilot the Mako and it was in a beach type world.

So now here we are with Andromeda. I forgot to choose what type of character I was going to play so already, I’m going to restart. But I got a little taste of the story and had Ryder Sr carry me through the gunfights. Thanks Dad!

I understand why people weren’t thrilled by the character models, they’re still noticeably awkward. Even 10 months after release the faces look kind of awful (no one expresses like that, ever) but there’s still a story to explore.

I went through extensively to create my twin, only to find out that it doesn’t mater that much. The game controls a lot better than the previous Mass Effect games. It feels great to jump and also dash forward. I managed well with the first gunfight. I was always terrible with the pistol because my accuracy isn’t the greatest, so I was happy when I finally got the assault rifle.

The story was a little predictable, of course the planet that we decided to fly too was going to be awful (objects look better when they are farther away from the mirror). Of course the first meeting with the aliens was going to end up in murder and of course Ryder Sr was going to die (and it was sad). It felt very similar to the beginning of the first Mass Effect.

I liked the freedom of exploration and I feared death when I got to close to the edges of cliffs. I finally fell off the cliff when they introduced that “Press L2 to Hover” mechanic which made flying a lot worse. It was okay to fall to your death though.

I’m deciding to play this game all the way through and blog about my adventures because I know nothing of the story, just the janky character animations. One thing I do know though is that I will, 100%, be romancing Gil Brodie.

This is going to be a fun game to play. It’s nice to have SAM (not JARVIS) provide me support from now on #spoilers #ShouldHavePlayedIt. Next post, I will have the correct character that uses biotics, though that grenade thing was cool. I hope you all enjoy reading my musings about this game.

Until next time. Thanks for reading!


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