.hack GU Last Recode: Gotta Beat Them All!

I’ve been speeding through this game, still trying to get 100% but the Ryu books have gotten tiresome. I still want to complete everything though. As of right now, I am at the arena finals (about to fight Kuhn) and my ‘arena’ team is all at Level 50 (almost 24 hours into the game).

Plot wise, there is no progression. Tri -Edge is still hanging around and he’ll show up eventually, he promises. Also Ovan maybe has like 25 minutes of camera time in this 20 hour plus game. The pacing is reminiscent of a show like the X-Files. You have the main plot that’s maybe 5 episodes of the entire season and then there’s these monsters of the week that take up the remaining. We have this throw-away Arena storyline that does eventually tie in to the main story but it is such a slog. Haseo’s random bursts of rage don’t make it any better either.

The Bordeaux battle was pretty amusing because I was about 3 levels over and the movies still showed Haseo getting his butt kicked by her. I never liked her character, even when she joins the team.

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.hack GU Last Recode: Let’s do the Time-Warp Again

.hack. The term brings back memories of high school. A game that felt like an MMO minus the internet connection was such an awesome idea. Plus the storyline of players falling into comas after playing these games was such a cool concept at the time. Without getting into too many details (I plan to reply this series in its entirety), I got as far as the third volume, Outbreak.

I got constant Game Over messages. I remember clearly how difficult it was for me to beat the MU Guardians (I stopped playing knowing I was terrible at the game).

I also remember the anime .hack SIGN and to this day it remains one of the top series I have ever seen.

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Filtered/Unfiltered Book Reviews: “The Heart’s Invisible Furies” by John Boyne

Last year I made a goal to read more books and also discover more authors. Back then my tastes in books consisted of Palahniuk, Murakami, Coupland and anything that mimicked those authors.

I never did venture out of my comfort zone. Now I have and my bookshelf is an utter mess. I decided to start a little blog discussing books that I have read to showcase them and offer my thoughts. I also want to shed light on some of the books that aren’t as widely known (flying under the radar).

Today I will be looking at “The Heart’s Invisible Furies” by John Boyne. Heart’s won some awards last year and it certainly was well deserved. From the plot description, I knew immediately that this was not going to be a quick and easy read.

Heart’s follows the story of a boy named Cyril Avery. He was adopted right after has was born and his adoptive parents constantly remind him that he is not a real Avery, nor will he ever be. So, who is Cyril Avery? We learn more about Cyril from different times in his life. The first chapter sets up what’s in store for us. We learn of Cyril’s mother through Cyril’s point of view and the circumstances of his birth.

We follow him when he is a kid, where we meet the eccentric Julian (his best friend). Through their friendship we learn that Cyril is gay and he has feelings for his best friend Julian. Btw, they are in Ireland (heavy Catholic influences). Though homosexuality is more accepted today, we tend to forget that it was highly highly frowned upon back in the 1940s and 1950s and Heart’s makes us aware how dangerous a lifestyle like that was.

Cyril’s story is not a happy one but, as the reader, we do root for him and I felt happy for his victories. He did make some terrible decisions in the novel though.

The rest of the story follows him through different stages of adulthood, tacking issues like the AIDS outbreak and discovering details of his birth family.

Like I said earlier, it’s not a quick read (it took about a month to read it, which I’ll explain later in detail), but it’s a great book to read.

I’m definitely going to follow up with Boyne’s other works soon. I’m holding off though because I’m not ready for any more mental anguish (he was great at that).

Thank you all for reading. Hope you all enjoyed it.

So now, I’m about to spoil the hell out of this book on the next page.