Goku – Midnight Eye 01: The Future Sucks

In the future there are androids, shady accountants and shady accountant androids. There are no enforced dress codes for the police just as long as you wear a tie with no shirt. There are also earthquakes in Tokyo so severe that the city has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, which is where this story takes place.

These plot points, though they seem very important, are quickly glossed over within the first five minutes because the focus of the story is our hero Goku, not the earthquakes. 

“Goku Midnight Eye” is an anime series that came out in the late 80s. “Goku” rides on the coattails of that very specific genre where all the male heroes are super muscular and the female characters are given very little screen time (I’ll get to that later). Everything is also very hyper violent. 

The story follows Goku Ferinchi, who is a private eye and no longer working for the police force full time (freelance). He’s following a case that involves Gungi Hakuryu, a millionaire who can break all the rules with his money (yawn). The interesting thing is that previous police agents, who were tailing Gungi, ended up killing themselves.

So Goku is on the case and joining him is Yoko. Now with Yoko, she’s in it for the revenge. She’s previously worked with her male colleagues and was saddened by their deaths, so this is 100% personal. 

They travel to Gungi’s boob skyscrapers where Goku breaks in. He immediately gets his ass kicked because he forgot the first rule of invading the villain’s hideout…YOU GO IN PREPARED.

Goku gets attacked by Gungi’s henchmen. There’s the motorcycle handlebar robot lady and then the peacock lady. He gets shot by Handlebars, wakes up in his car. Immediately gets attacked by Peacock (she’s the one that made the previous cops kill themselves because she has those hypnotizing feathers). Goku then stabs his eye (because that prevents the attack) and drives off the bridge into the water below.

Now here’s my favorite part because, as tradition, this is about Goku and not about what’s around him. We meet Robo-God who gives him his eye back but wait, he can control things with this eye (vehicles, satellites, television broadcasts, etc). Robo God essentially gave Goku a Game Genie. RG also gives him a Nyoi-Bo because why the hell not. I see no relation at all to the monkey king and it doesn’t make sense.

Goku uses the power of his eye to find out where Yoko is. He goes to her rescue, there’s some robot mosquitos attacking and she ends up dying, as is tradition. This is the part where I mentally checked out. Yoko was a more interesting character then Goku and there seemed to be more of a connection between her and her deceased cohorts. I bet they loved Yoko and hated Goku. Hell, I hate Goku.

So Goku decides it’s time to hijack this satellite, hijack the televisions and tell Gungi that he’s coming to kick some ass. 

You are probably asking what is Gungi doing while this is happening? He’s planning the end of the world by creating a virus and using swans as the carriers during migration. With his plan, the virus will be planted in the reproductive organs of the swans (males) and is only deadly when it encounters the hormones of the female swans. I can’t make this up. 

Anyway, this doesn’t last long because Goku crashes the place. He kills Handlebars and Peacock (very easily). Gungi tries to kill him by locking Goku in an enclosed space and filling the space up with water, where it came from I do not know. So Goku, with his cheat codes, diverts the water to Gungi’s office and kills him with Handlebar’s head beam attack. Though Goku should be happy, he’s upset that he couldn’t save Yoko with his powers. He then goes vaulting in the night with his nyoi bo.

And that’s the end of the episode. No explanation on who gave him his powers.

Overall, this episode was certainly something. I was expecting more raunch/filth. I was expecting Wicked City, which you shouldn’t watch. There’s one more episode and I hope it explains who gave him the eye and maybe they’ll fight to the death, as is tradition in anime. I doubt that will happen though.

You can find this title on Amazon and also on Midnight Pulp.

Thanks for reading, see you all next time.

One thought on “Goku – Midnight Eye 01: The Future Sucks

  1. Just watched both episodes and really enjoyed them but we’re still left with more questions than answers. It seems like a series that was cut short that could of had a ton of potential. Too bad.

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