Late to the Party: The Lego Tragedy

I’m back with another installment of Late to the Party. Since the last time I posted, I have moved apartments and also started a new position where I work, so a lot has been happening.

But now that work has settled down and I got into the swing of the work transition, I finally found some time to catch up on some video games. I’ve been slowly playing the Switch more, and also playing less of the PS4 and PS Vita.

I managed to finish up two games. The first is “Lego City Undercover,” I beat this game 100%. I love the Lego games, the first one I played was the Star Wars series (which I will eventually get to). They’re easy to pick up and play but if you stop playing them for about two weeks it’s hard to get back from where you stopped.

This happened at least 2 times when I attempted to start Lego City Undercover. I enjoyed Chase McCain and exploring all of Lego City. The Mario tie-ins were pretty funny too. One of my two big complaints about the game was the checkpoint system within the missions, if you stopped playing midway through a mission you started back at the police station where you had to drive all the way back (or ride the train) to where the mission took place and hope the checkpoint system saved your progress.

The other thing was that the more time I put into the game, the buggier it got. I would be in the middle of completing a territory and the game would start to slow down and eventually crash. Which I would have to restart, and drive or take the train back to the territory…minor complaints.

I eventually completed the game 100% though and it felt great. I played as Rex Fury for about 70% of the time while finishing up side quests and used the astronaut character to essentially cheat during the free running segments. Not sure what the next Lego game I will play but it won’t be for awhile. I also thought about playing the 3DS game, but from what I have seen, it plays very similar (though the 3DS game came out first).

The next game on the list was “I am Setsuna.” This was one of my first game purchases on the Switch. The plot borrows a lot of themes from Chrono Trigger (sadness, death and time travel) and it was a fun little adventure. I like to call this game “the chillest tragedy” ever because everyone wasn’t upset about the world ending.

The plot follows Setsuna and her ragtag group as she takes a pilgrimage as the ‘sacrifice’ heading to the Last Lands to bring an end to the recent monster attacks.

I enjoyed the story, it didn’t have the annoying cliche characters that are in most JRPGs, they did fall into the same archetype but they were toned down a lot.

The use of magic was unique, sell your loot and get cool stuff. Unlike Chrono Trigger though (where I used all of the characters), I only stuck with the same 3 characters (Endir, Ndir and Julienne) and used the same combo attack… Look, I’ve always been an offense person when it comes to RPGs. I did use Setsuna on the final boss though, at the cost of my scan ability to read the HP.

I also found out that grinding only increases HP and doesn’t improve stats.

With those games beat, I did attempt to play some Lost Sphear but got a little burnt out after about 5 hours in. I’ll get back to playing it sometime later but the next game on my list is Xenoblade Chronicles.

I loved the Xeno series (Xenosaga/Xenogears) but I’ve always had difficulty getting into Xenoblade. It’s apparently super simple but each time I played the game the battles for bosses get more and more difficult, maybe I need to grind more but we will see with this play through.

The whole gimmick where you can read the bosses next big attack and you had to time everything just seemed so gimmicky. Regardless, I started it earlier today and I’m about 4 hours in. The Mechons are about to attack (in classic Xeno fashion, I see you Xenosaga).

Anyways, thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day!

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