Big Little Lies S1 06: fixes everything.

Meet Harper, she’s a terrible person. She started a petition, likely on, to have Ziggy suspended from school after he bullying allegations. Also she has no proof, so she ends up looking like an idiot. Don’t be like Harper.

Anyway, in this episode of Big Little Lies things are starting to reach the boiling point. Celeste gets fed up with Perry, Jane and Renata come to blows and Abigail’s secret project comes to light. Let’s get started.

Things between Jane and Renata reach their climax when Jane finds out about a petition to have Ziggy suspended from school, still (as I said earlier) with no proof. Ms. Barnes breaks the news to Jane and on her way out she runs into Renata and assaults her (gouges at her eye), kinda extreme there.

Jane does feel bad and ends up going to Renata’s house to apologize and they bury the hatchet. However, the mystery of the bully still hasn’t been solved. So Renata imposes a play-date with each of the kids in the class. She has kinda ruled Ziggy out because in the last episode Jane told her about the trips to Ziggy’s psychologist and that they figure Ziggy didn’t bully Amabella.

Jane also calls out Harper, because that’s what you do with bullies.

The opening night for Avenue Q happens but it’s not without some drama. Joesph’s wife confronts Madeline about the affair, but that’s all (nothing more, nothing less). She just asks one simple question.

“What were you doing in his car?”

Celeste ends up not going because Perry feels jealous that she’s not focusing 100% of her time on him. He starts to get forcefully romantic and she whacks him in the crotch with a tennis racquet (broken urethra). Perry also threatens to kill her which prompts her to go back to Dr. Reisman who suggests to move out of the house and rent an apartment (which Celeste does). It’s a damn nice apartment too.

The final part of the episode deals with the big reveal of Abigail’s secret project. Abigail plans to auction off her virginity to protest sex slavery. It’s also for Amnesty International (non-governmental organization focused on human rights). Nathan is furious about the idea, but Bonnie says it’s for a good cause. He backs off a little, but only a little.

The big problem comes with telling Madeline though, and it happens during the family dinner between the two couples.

Madeline gets ill once she hears the news and starts vomiting on everyone and all the food (not the oysters). She goes up to Abigail and has an argument with her. The tension settles after Madeline confesses that she cheated on Ed last year and that she isn’t perfect. I guess that’s Abigail’s “Aha” moment, but that still doesn’t solve the issue about the website.

Overall it was a good episode. It sets things up for the final episode, which I am looking forward to. I’m curious to see if they’re going to expand on the website or just leave it be. I guess we will see next time.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you all next time for the season finale of Big Little Lies.

Oh, and fuck off Harper!

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