Diablo 3: Handhell(d) fun

I recently got into Diablo 3 on the Switch. I have enjoyed every minute of it and the game plays great on the system (though you probably know that). I’ve known about the game since the first Diablo came out on the Playstation many many years ago, but I never did play it. The gameplay seemed too chaotic and difficult to me.

But I know the plot of Diablo 2 and 3 after watching a friend play both games in their entirety. 

So here we are, I’ve put in 30 hours, completed the campaign for my first character (Monk) and now I’m on my second character (Demon Hunter). I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon and I like the Demon Hunter class better than the Monk class. But that’s enough talk about classes, let’s talk about the story.

Diablo 3 has some complex lore and some knowledge (of the previous games) is required. The game is set in this world called Sanctuary. There’s this girl named Leah, who is adopted by Deckard Cain (who has been in the previous Diablo games). Deckard and Leah are investigating texts when a falling star hits the Cathedral. Deckard vanishes and so begins our quest.

We also meet some interesting characters on the way. Gameplay is pure hack and slash, at least for my monk class it was. For my demon hunter it’s rapid fire, dodge, rapid fire. Followed by this vault jump, trap vault jump.

I would say spoilers, but it’s a 7 year old game…I was sad when Deckard Cain died. He was such a fixture in the Diablo series. I also hated that Leah’s death just happened and her plot line was thrown in the garbage.

The fight against Diablo was fun, I thought the credits would roll after the fight but then I forgot that Act V existed and that the game was not over.

Act V ramped up the difficulty, but the dungeons were super fun and the boss fights were challenging. It all culminated to the final boss Malthael. The final act is probably going to be even more challenging with my Demon Hunter. I should also use the other companions and not just use the Templar.

I do enjoy all of the post game content and I plan on putting in many more hours into this game.

I might eventually move to using the other characters but we shall see.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on Diablo 3. See you all next time when I go through more games that I’m currently playing.

Teaser, the next one will be a Final Fantasy game. Thanks for reading!

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