Roeg One: A Final Fantasy XIV Story

It’s crazy to think that I’m reaching my one year mark on Final Fantasy XIV in a few days. So much has happened this past year, what with Covid and everything. This game served as a great escape from the pandemic world. 

At this time, I feel like I’ve only touched about 30-40 percent of the game. I still only have a few classes at Level 80 (Machinist, Bard, Dancer, Samurai and Astrologian). I’m still maining Machinist but I’m also trying out other classes. I’m wanting to broaden the playstyle to tanking and healing. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my first character (Dutch the Lalafell) was a tank but I did not know the tank mechanics, so he was quickly swept under the rug and I created Carmen (my permanent character).

And then 4 months later I embraced the Roeg lifestyle and that’s kinda been my trademark since then. Friends I’ve made through my first FC barely remember me as a Miqo’te. And the people in my current FC have heard the urban legends. 

I finished the latest update last week (didn’t really take that long) and now the wait begins for the next patch. I’m currently in the process of getting my resistance weapon upgraded (Machinist). I only have 2 more runs of Delubrum Reginae to complete. I have a love/hate relationship with the Bozjan front though. When it first came out, my computer couldn’t handle all of the intensity of the big public event so it would crash pretty frequently. It hasn’t happened since the last update, but I still grip my controller a little tighter when those frames drop. I also (FUCKING) hate Castrum Lacus Litore, mostly because of the first boss fight and the concept of teamwork (the rest is okay). 

The new NieR raid was fun, I need to run it a few more times to get more comfortable with it. The first run was chaotic (per usual). I remember dying, getting resurrected then getting the tank buster (not a tank, mind you). It was a classic “Guess I’ll die” moment. Also…I still haven’t completed the Eden raids…

I have come to terms that crafting is important, I have 2 crafters at Level 80 and it was a struggle because I also didn’t know a lot about macros (there was a lot of kicking and screaming, a lot of sighing and cursing). My second crafter class I got to 80 was Culinarian because of the Coffee Biscuits and it’s the quick way to make Gil, and it has been beneficial. The name of my Coffee Biscuit macro will be a secret until the day I die.

The remaining 6 crafters are getting leveled up, all together. It has been rough, but I was able to clear out SO MUCH ring space. I want to thank the Firmament for making that possible, I don’t know how I would do it otherwise. It hurts spending money on diadem materials but it’s also nice to know that I don’t have to worry about running out of Gil. I don’t have the time to spend 10+ hours in the Diadem. 

I also want to thank all the friends I’ve made during this time. I saw the beginnings of an FC (my first FC) and I watched it grow and become really freaking big. I definitely think my experience with this game has been special. I even made really great friends with the current FC I’m in.

So what happens next? I’m trying so hard to figure out what class I’m gonna stick with next. I want to do White Mage, but there’s also Paladin…and then I also started on Black Mage. The Red Mage backflip is poggers. There’s just so much to choose from. 

I plan to post more of my FFXIV adventures. I already have some ideas, like the following

  • My search for a Matrix inspired glam, with too many Puppets’ Bunker runs 
  • Let’s do Mahjong 
  • The deep dive into the FFXIV card game 
  • The quest for the perfect healer macro 
  • Let’s try Ninja on controller 
  • Getting into Balthier’s pants at the Orbonne Monastery 
  • Dragoon, will I be another statistic or will I disrupt the flow?

Look out for next week whenever I ultimately decide on what to talk about next. 

This has been Final Fantasy XIV: Roeg One!

Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

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