Filtered/Unfiltered Book Reviews: “The Heart’s Invisible Furies” by John Boyne

  • Cyril is a great protagonist, don’t get me wrong. He is flawed at times but I lost all respect for Cyril after leaving poor Alice after their wedding ceremony. He could have told her a lot earlier about being gay. He had plenty of opportunities throughout their friendship to tell the secret. I also don’t think that Alice would have minded either. It broke my heart that she stayed married (kinda had to) after Cyril jumped ship.
  • Speaking of Alice, she’s easily my favorite character. I loved the endless sarcasm she throws at Cyril during the last part of the book. I was also happy that she ended up finding love (and the interactions about Cyril II was great).
  • Bastiaan was another character I loved. It was nice that Cyril eventually found love, but it broke my heart when he died. I stopped 2/3rds into the book for about two weeks after finishing the AIDS storyline. After that scene I skipped a few pages to confirm that Bastiaan did indeed die. That final page also brought me to tears.
  • I didn’t care about Julian, he was an asshole.
  • Cyril’s parents were great characters (The Averys and Catherine Goggin).
  • I enjoyed the time skips and how everything was eventually revealed about what happened during those years we skipped, it wasn’t just a straight recap.

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