Final Fantasy VIII: Fresh Coat of Paint

With long running video game series, the first one you play is always the best. Such is the case with many games I have played through the years. There’s Street Fighter 2, Dragon Quest VII, Elder Scrolls 3, NHL 2001, etc.

But today I’m blogging about my first Final Fantasy game, which is Final Fantasy VIII. FFVIII will always be my favorite Final Fantasy game, it’s better than VII in my opinion. When Square Enix was re-releasing all the other FF games, it made me a little sad that VIII was excluded, even if they alleged to losing the source code. I never thought we would be getting a remaster of the game, until E3 this year.

There was shock, surprise and finally the early September release date. I didn’t expect the game to release so soon (I was expecting a Christmas release because Square Enix likes to drag those release dates out with occasional delays).

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Diablo 3: Handhell(d) fun

I recently got into Diablo 3 on the Switch. I have enjoyed every minute of it and the game plays great on the system (though you probably know that). I’ve known about the game since the first Diablo came out on the Playstation many many years ago, but I never did play it. The gameplay seemed too chaotic and difficult to me.

But I know the plot of Diablo 2 and 3 after watching a friend play both games in their entirety. 

So here we are, I’ve put in 30 hours, completed the campaign for my first character (Monk) and now I’m on my second character (Demon Hunter). I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon and I like the Demon Hunter class better than the Monk class. But that’s enough talk about classes, let’s talk about the story.

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Big Little Lies S1 07: Somebody’s Dead

People, CAUTION, everyone. There are spoilers, and I only bring this up because I spoil some plot points in the book that were skipped over.


Here we are folks, the season finale. One thing I kept remembering while posting these little recaps is that someone is going to die at the end. This is where all the buildup is leading to. Something bad is gonna happen at this Trivia Night and, ironically, there was no trivia at all. Just a drunk talent show.

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Big Little Lies S1 06: fixes everything.

Meet Harper, she’s a terrible person. She started a petition, likely on, to have Ziggy suspended from school after he bullying allegations. Also she has no proof, so she ends up looking like an idiot. Don’t be like Harper.

Anyway, in this episode of Big Little Lies things are starting to reach the boiling point. Celeste gets fed up with Perry, Jane and Renata come to blows and Abigail’s secret project comes to light. Let’s get started.

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Big Little Lies S1 05: Understanding in a Car Crash


In this episode of Big Little Lies, we start to divert from the book a little. Everyone’s plots become more intense. We have Madeline and her secret affair with Joesph (the theatre director). Ziggy and Jane are still dealing with the people in this awful town. Renata is struggling to keep sane while trying to find the culprit/Amabella’s bully. And Celeste’s visits with the therapist continues as the therapist finds out more about Celeste’s situation.

It’s another exciting, drama filled episode so let’s get to it!

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Big Little Lies S1 04: When Doves Cry

It’s always hard when a kid leaves their nest to live with their other parent. Being a child of divorce I looked forward to seeing my mom, but I only stayed 2-3 weeks at most (out of the year) just because we would start to butt heads after a bit, I never did permanently move there until I graduated college and went for my Bachelors (cheaper to live with parents). We still butted heads and I moved with my sister.

Anyway, Abigail officially moves in with Nathan, which makes Madeline upset. Nathan and Madeline decided to have a quick lunch together to see about having a group dinner between the two families and it goes from 0 to finger pointing in a matter of seconds. They’re both equally annoying. I don’t see how Ed and Bonnie deal with them. It really is best to have Ed and Bonnie as mediators. 

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Big Little Lies S1 03: Dreams

I find it fitting to title this post after the song that was featured in this episode (Dreams by Fleetwood Mac). The theme of this episode is loneliness (the word used many times in the song). We all experience it sometime, and the main four characters experience loneliness in some way. We have Madeline who fears that she’s losing her daughter, the daughter she raised while no one else was there to help. We have Renata, who might be successful career-wise but doesn’t have any close friends. We have Celeste and her issues with Perry, and no one to turn to for help. And we have Jane (with Ziggy), who is up against the cruel world.

I’ve noticed (with rewatching this series) that a lot of the big thematic parts in the book are downplayed a lot in the book, or it might have been my imagination. One of the big plot points in this episode is, you guessed it, Amabella’s birthday party. We see Renata go as far as extend an olive branch to Madeline by spending this exorbitant amount of money (a freaking trip to Disneyland) so that they can come to her daughter’s birthday party, and she’ll even invite Ziggy to the party as well.

Madeline, being the stubborn person though, refuses to admit defeat (even when her daughter advises that a trip like that might actually be fun). But with everything going on, especially with the possibility of Avenue Q being canned, she says no. This was when I started to kinda feel bad for Renata. She’s super successful with her job, but doesn’t have any close friends, only followers. There’s also her sleaze-ball of a husband, Gordon. More on that later.

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