Mass Effect Andromeda 01: New Beginnings

What happens when one of the biggest gaming flops of 2017 goes on sale for less than $15 on PSN? Well you buy it of course. I loved the Mass Effect games (2 and 3 were great), I loved the Shepard I created. He was a ginger with some weird facial hair. He was a biotic, had a bromance with Garrus and liked the gossip with Tali in elevators. I was devastated by the end of Mass Effect 3 when he gave up his life to save the universe.

I also liked the fact that you could romance with your fellow shipmates. At the time I played the trilogy (2012) I was still in the not completely out to the family and it was nice to make the character my own. The first play-through of Mass Effect 1 I romanced Ashley (she was rude) then restarted and chose Kaidan (he wasn’t). I also restarted because I didn’t have enough charisma to save Wrex during that one important part in the game so I had to kill him. It was like the 35th time you had to attempt-pilot the Mako and it was in a beach type world.

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