Weirdos: We’re All a Little Andy Warhol

We are all a little weird inside. Some people choose to embrace it while others don’t realize that they are weird. And then there are those who criticize other people for their weirdness while they have something in them that’s weird as well (and they are aware of it). The later usually happens when you are a teenager and exploring who you really are, and it can be difficult at times.

Weirdos (directed by Bruce McDonald) tells us a story about Kit (played by Dylan Authors) and the struggles of being different while having random conversations with an imaginary Andy Warhol. Kit is 15 years old, his parents divorced and he’s coming to terms that he is gay. This film is also set in 1976, and it was a little harder to come out as gay back then. 

The movie begins with Kit meeting up with his girlfriend Alice (played by Julia Sarah Stone). We are introduced to his grandmother (Mary) and father (Dave). Kit is running away from home to go live with his mom (Laura), who lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia. She’s also a model and has met all of the famous celebrities of the time. They plan to hitchhike along the way (which is a 2 hour car drive) as Kit thinks that his life will be improve. 

Before they do see his Mom though, they plan to go to a beach party and meet up with some of Alice’s acquaintances (if you can call them that). Among them is Leo, who has a secret crush on Kit. Leo is also a piece of garbage. Alice, who doesn’t know that Kit is gay, is very protective of him and they end up leaving the group and take their own.

Their relationship is sad because it’s very one sided. Here we have Alice who cares so much for Kit. She also wants to sleep with him before he pretty much leaves from her life but for Kit, Alice is a really good friend and nothing more. It brought back some rough memories of high school as I was in a similar situation. Kit’s secret does come to light because of Leo and that causes some tension for the rest of the trip. 

We finally get to Laura’s place, after Kit has given us this romanticized version of it, and there’s nothing but disappointment. There is no glam and fun, only sadness and Kit realizes that he has had everything good from the start, even with his struggles with his sexuality. While this is happening, Dave finds out where the kids have run off to and decides to call Laura up to tell her of the news until Mary intervenes and tells Dave to wait until Kit calls them back.

The movie does end on a happy note and makes you feel good for being a weirdo. The whole black and white gimmick of the movie was pretty neat and made it feel like the movie was made for that time rather than 2016. It’s simple and easy to watch. The acting was top notch too as the roles were believeable. I highly recommend you watch this movie. 

You can watch “Weirdos” on Mubi for the time being.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day!


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