Big Little Lies S1 02: The One

More drama, more f-bombs and more threats are abound in this episode of Big Little Lies. The police confessions appear less as we start to see the drama bomb still burning the fuse.

The central theme to the episode is Renata throwing a birthday party for her daughter and everyone is invited but poor Ziggy. I remember when I was a kid, a similar situation happened to me (2nd grade). There was this popular kid who invited everyone except for me. Word got out that they were a piece of shit, things backfired on him, he gave me invitation even though I didn’t want to go so I threw the invitation in the trash. Problem solved.

I would have been made fun of anyway if I went because kids are jerks. I love that this series has the adults acting like children. 

Back to the birthday party though. Jane doesn’t want any drama because she’s new to town. We see a brief exposition scene for Jane as well. People start talking about her though because she’s new and there’s nothing else to do in this place. If you’re new you’re strange, you are an outsider.

Madeline gets a wild idea and gets tickets to Disney on Ice, and it happens to fall on the same day as Amabella’s party (more on that later).

Madeline also deals with her oldest daughter (Abigail) and finds out that Bonnie took Abigail to Planned Parenthood. This also leads to conflict between Ed (Madeline’s husband) and Nathan (her ex husband/Bonnie’s now-husband). Now let me get on the topic of Nathan. I never liked the guy, he never redeems himself in the book and I’m kinda on the same side as Madeline that he’s a complete tool. I mean, he completely abandoned Madeline when Abigail was first born and now he decided to show up after he’s adulted (after starting a new family). I would be pretty petty too.

What an asshole.

Also, In this episode we learn more about Celeste and Perry and their relationship. Celeste confides in Madeline about the fighting, which Madeline call her out on it. She still has feelings for Perry though and flip flops between hating and loving him. Celeste is my favorite character in the series because of the growth, but we will get to that later on in the series too.

Then there’s Renata. Ho boy! We find out that her daughter and Ziggy kiss, prompted by Chloe (Madeline’s youngest) and Skye (Bonnie and Nathan’s child). Which just sets Renata off and there’s talks of lawyers too (calm down sister).

Harry the Hippo makes his first appearance and is destroyed by Celeste’s twins (Max and Josh).

That’s really about it for this episode. We see that Madeline and Ed make up after their kinda fight in the last episode. She appreciates that he’s better than Ed and they share a cute little dance together.

Next episode is the birthday party so I will see you all tomorrow. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you all have a great day!

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