Big Little Lies S1 04: When Doves Cry

It’s always hard when a kid leaves their nest to live with their other parent. Being a child of divorce I looked forward to seeing my mom, but I only stayed 2-3 weeks at most (out of the year) just because we would start to butt heads after a bit, I never did permanently move there until I graduated college and went for my Bachelors (cheaper to live with parents). We still butted heads and I moved with my sister.

Anyway, Abigail officially moves in with Nathan, which makes Madeline upset. Nathan and Madeline decided to have a quick lunch together to see about having a group dinner between the two families and it goes from 0 to finger pointing in a matter of seconds. They’re both equally annoying. I don’t see how Ed and Bonnie deal with them. It really is best to have Ed and Bonnie as mediators. 

In this episode Celeste helps Madeline with getting Avenue Q not-cancelled. She pulls some lawyer stuff and makes references to the freaking California Constitution (which I imagine is a lot cleaner than the Texas one, look it up). She completely shuts Renata up during their meeting with the mayor and finds this her true calling. She wants to go back to law-work. We see more rifts between Celeste and Perry because Perry wants to be in the know 24/7, he doesn’t want Celeste to work and be independent but Celeste can be her own woman. Also, random, he wants another kid (a girl).

We also see Celeste standing up to him more. She does back to the therapist and admits that she feels trapped in her relationship with him.

Back to Madeline, we have her issues with Abigail being gone (trust me, it’s gonna get worse). After the victory with the mayor (all thanks to Celeste) we learn that she had an affair with the theatre director and it’s been a kinda on and off thing, very one sided. It won’t go away with a simple no either because he kisses her during a rehearsal.

Going back to the kids, the bullying of Amabella continues, the teacher thinks that Ziggy is behind it all even though Amabella says that he isn’t. The teacher just assumes because they’re an idiot and think they know better than the kids.

I feel so bad for Ziggy because he’s such a smart character. He knows what’s going on with his Dad (not Darth Vader) and he knows that the topic is sensitive when it comes to Jane. I thought it was funny when he told the child psychologist to err on the side of caution when bringing up the issue with Jane (not his exact words). Ziggy can smell bullshit from a mile away.

More is revealed with Saxon Baker (or Saxon Banks), if you want to count a simple google search as effort. Jane states that she doesn’t remember his face, only his voice. She also struggles with bouts of PTSD and almost jumps off a cliff because of the stress during this episode.

The next episode features more bouts of bullying, Amabella gets bitten, so we will see some Renata in action (with some severe threats and finger pointing).

Look forward to it!

Thanks for reading everyone! See you all next time!


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