Big Little Lies S1 05: Understanding in a Car Crash


In this episode of Big Little Lies, we start to divert from the book a little. Everyone’s plots become more intense. We have Madeline and her secret affair with Joesph (the theatre director). Ziggy and Jane are still dealing with the people in this awful town. Renata is struggling to keep sane while trying to find the culprit/Amabella’s bully. And Celeste’s visits with the therapist continues as the therapist finds out more about Celeste’s situation.

It’s another exciting, drama filled episode so let’s get to it!

Amabella gets bitten at school, Renata finds out and starts yelling at Amabella, saying that she should stick up for herself. Easier said than done, right? What if the bullying intensifies, what if she’s afraid. There’s better ways of dealing with this situation rather than screaming, I felt like Gordon had a better approach, by speaking in a normal quiet voice rather than yelling in ALL CAPS!!!

This all causes a rift between Renata and Gordon, which ends in a screaming match.

As I mentioned earlier, the plot starts to divert from the book to give more dramatic effect, I guess? I don’t remember Joesph and Madeline getting in a car crash (hell, I don’t even remember Joesph in the book at all other than the theatre instructor title). The million dollar question is “Why were you in his car?” 

That question never fully gets answered. Just lots of lies.

The whole scene was crazy, it caught me by surprise and it made the drama better by bring Joesph’s wife in the mix. We will see if there’s anymore to this story. She has to know that they were having sex. 

There’s also brief mentions of Abigail’s secret project, more on that later in a different post.

Jane gets a call about Ziggy which prompts a little conference between Ms. Barnes, the main principal, Renata/Gordon and Jane. Renata comes in full finger pointing. The school gets a teacher’s aide to help observe the bullying. Jane leaves town for the day, asking Madeline to pick up Ziggy, and goes to meet Saxon Baker which was a very odd scene. Was it him, was it not him? I guess we will find out later.

Perry goes to Chicago and Celeste goes back to the therapist. More of their issues are brought to light and finally the therapist starts questioning the abuse. At first Celeste brushes it off saying it’s from both sides, the therapist helps Celeste and makes her realize that she is indeed a victim of abuse. Robin Weigert does such a great job as the therapist, kudos to her. 

During the session the children are brought to question, and Celeste believes the abuse does not impact her sons. 

Overall, it was a good episode, we have more build up the school function. I’m curious to see how Madeline’s story is going to be built up with Joesph because you know that whole ordeal isn’t over yet.

In the next episode we learn of a petition to have Ziggy suspended and a big confrontation between Jane and Renata.

Thanks for reading. See you all next time!

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