Big Little Lies S1 07: Somebody’s Dead

People, CAUTION, everyone. There are spoilers, and I only bring this up because I spoil some plot points in the book that were skipped over.


Here we are folks, the season finale. One thing I kept remembering while posting these little recaps is that someone is going to die at the end. This is where all the buildup is leading to. Something bad is gonna happen at this Trivia Night and, ironically, there was no trivia at all. Just a drunk talent show.

Before the Trivia Night, we have another situation where Perry abuses Celeste. She goes back to Dr. Reisman and tells her that she has the apartment ready for the move. Dr. Reisman is all, get everything prepared RIGHT NOW! But Celeste reminds her that they have a function (Trivia Night) to go to, which elicits the biggest eye roll followed by a COME ON GIRL!

Tangent, one thing the show decided to omit was Abigails website, in the book she starts the website that causes this huge ordeal because people are actually spending money but this anonymous person saves the day (*cough* Celeste *cough*)

Other things happen before the big night, like Gordon threatening Jane, and Tom (the owner of the cafe where all the people of Monterrey, CA go to) throwing Gordon out. Tom also has a thing for Jane even though everyone thinks he’s gay.

Also, tangent, I think I remember in the book that Gordon slept with the nanny. Are we gonna go down that route? No? Not right now!? There’s always season 2.

The bullying plot line gets put to rest. Jane sits Ziggy aside to ask who is bullying Amabella. We find out that it’s Max (one of Celeste’s twins). Jane talks to Celeste about it. Celeste then talks to Perry about it. And then Perry finds out (casually) that Celeste plans to move out just moments before the Trivia Night. At this point, Celeste is exhausted of his shitty excuses about becoming a better person. So she just storms out once they get to the party.

Ed never finds out about Madeline’s affair, and she bounces during his solo the talent show (Joesph and Tori take notice, also side-note, Tori stalks Madeline during the first part of the episode, creepy). Adam Scott is such a good singer and the performance came off as a surprise. I hope their relationship lasts after the bombshell.

During Ed’s performance, all the other principle characters follow to the stairs, except Bonnie. Nathan has a dick moment and tries to threaten Ed, which doesn’t work

Perry is on the hunt for Celeste and this is a now or never moment for her. He finds her, people try to stop him and then Bonnie shoves him off the stairs.

He dies.

And it’s a brutal death, there was clearly a shard of glass in his neck, or something, where did it come from? It’s just rails and metal and we know that didn’t break.

The whole scene was great. So now I guess we’re onto the next part of the series where the detectives see through all the lives and bullshit (I already hate the detective that constantly flicks the lighter, it’s 2017 or 2019, use a BIC like a normal person).

“Use a BIC like a normal person.” Aaron

So here we are now, onto uncharted territory with season 2. We have the clutch five (Jane, Madelline, Celeste, Renata and Bonnie) and they’re sticking to the story, which the detectives know that some important details are missing.

We also have Mary freaking Louise Wright showing up this season (played by Meryl Streep) and you know she’s gonna bring the drama to this series.

What’s gonna happen to Bonnie, whose gonna slip and ruin these…Big Little Lies.

We will find out tomorrow when the new episode of the new season airs.

Thank you for reading. Hope you all enjoyed these recaps and let’s look forward to the future of this series!

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