Late to the Party: A Video-game Blog

Welcome to my blog where I talk about video games I’ve played during this week. The title is kinda self explanatory, I tend to play games a lot later after they’ve released (mostly because they’re cheaper after being out for months). The theme of this episode is Tax Return, because I treated myself to some video games.



With Kingdom Hearts III finally out, I decided to start the Kingdom Hearts series from the very beginning. I am 10% familiar with the series, I have played the first game and got the secret ending and I played Kingdom Hearts II and got as far as the Mulan world. The prologue was super confusing with the Roxas storyline and from what I’ve heard, it starts to make sense later on(?).

I’m skipping the play-through of 358/2 and Recoded and just go straight through the videos. I’m looking forward to playing Birth by Sleep, and anything with Aqua (she seems cool). However, I am not looking forward to playing Re Chain of Memories, but I’m keeping an open mind when I eventually get to that part of the series.

At the time of this post, I am at Agrabah. The only frustrating parts I’ve dealt with so far is the debacle at Destiny Island and fighting the Trick Master.


Starting off with Destiny Island, and this is about that race with Riku (which I only managed to beat him once). On the race you have to touch that damn star, so I did and then fell on the tree tops because the camera is amazing, especially when it comes to platforming. Riku has already won 5 minutes prior. Then Kairi and Riku tell me that I didn’t touch the tree, so I have to go all the way back, I make sure to slam Sora against the tree and then I FINALLY finish the race.

I also struggled with the Trick Master (Alice in Wonderland world) because the camera is awful and so are the platforming segments. After that, it has been smooth sailing. Didn’t have any issues with the other bosses and I here I am at Agrabah. I don’t remember much of the later worlds so I’m excited about revisiting them.


I’ve been playing this game a lot. I’m currently at Vermillion City (just beat Lt. Surge). My Pikachu is overpowered because of all of the candy that I’ve given him. He also likes giving high fives. The other Pokemon are a tad under-leveled as the recent battle was difficult.

I read up on the mechanics because it’s no longer battle/grind and more catch Pokemon and grind. One of my fears was that I was going to run out of Pokeballs right at the start but that doesn’t seem to be the case because I have way too many Great Balls already.

Finding out how to get candy was a struggle as it took a bit to figure out how to send Pokemon to Professor Oak. Also, didn’t realize that the rival from the Red/Blue (Green) series was in the game. I thought he was the super friendly rival character.

Motion controls have never been a favorite. I wish that I could use both controls for one player while the Switch is docked. Playing in handheld mode isn’t bad though.

I enjoy how simplistic the game is though and Pikachu is so damn adorable. I’m excited about revisiting all of the classic Pokemon locations. Also going through Mt. Moon wasn’t as painful as it is with all the random battles in the original games. I also need to expand on using other Pokemon rather than my current 6 (Pikachu, Gloom, Pidgeotto, Charmeleon, Ivysaur and Wartortle).

The next gym leader is Erika but I’m going to take my time and train all of my Pokemon. The grind isn’t as exhausting as it was in the previous games though the catching mechanics can get annoying. So we shall see how the rest of this game goes.

Honorable mentions also go to Dark Souls as I got the DS Trilogy steenbok and I suck at the game. I made it to the first boss and did the jumping stab but missed. I’ll talk more about that game later though. Next time, we continue with these games and also take care of the backlog on my Switch.

Anyways, thanks for reading. See you all next time!

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